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Enjoy a horseback ride on the beach!!!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

After numerous years of relying on the graciousness of our neighbors to borrow horses for essential transportation needs between Camaroncito and nearby villages, as well as for the delightful horseback riding experiences offered to our esteemed guests, we are thrilled to announce a significant and exciting development – Camaroncito EcoResort and Beach is now home to its very own stable of magnificent equines!

No longer dependent on borrowed steeds, our guests can now immerse themselves in the full equestrian experience right here at our boutique eco-lodge. Whether it's a picturesque journey between Camaroncito and neighboring villages or a leisurely exploration of our enchanting surroundings on horseback, our newly acquired horses add an extra layer of charm to the already magical experience we offer.

Meet Moa and Yera!

The Camaroncito horses Moa and Yera
The Camaroncito horses Moa and Yera

Picture this: meandering along the Caribbean beach on horseback, the rhythmic sounds of the surf serenading you from one side, and the lush rainforest providing a symphony of natural sounds from the other. It's not just a mode of transportation; it's a journey that engages all your senses, creating memories that linger long after you've left the saddle.

These splendid four-legged companions are not merely a practical addition; they embody our commitment to enhancing your stay with unique, memorable moments. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first-time equestrian enthusiast, our horses are ready to be your partners in exploration and relaxation.

horseback ride on the beach
horseback ride on the beach

And as we embrace this new chapter with our equine friends, we invite you to saddle up and join us on an adventure like no other. Discover the beauty of the Caribbean coast from a different perspective, led by our gentle and well-trained horses. It's not just a ride; it's a connection with nature, a blend of tranquility and excitement that defines the Camaroncito experience.

So, whether you're a nature lover, a horse enthusiast, or someone seeking a unique twist to your eco-luxury retreat, our horses are here to make your stay at Camaroncito EcoResort and Beach even more exceptional. Book your stay now and let the hoofprints in the sand be the trail that leads you to unforgettable moments in paradise. Your equine adventure awaits! 🐎✨ #CamaroncitoEquestrianEscape #RideWithUsIntoParadise #EcoLuxuryEquineExperience

Moa and Yera, the Camaroncito horses!
Moa and Yera, the Camaroncito horses!

Introducing our equine companions at Camaroncito EcoResort and Beach, where nature and luxury seamlessly blend for an unforgettable experience! Meet Moa, our majestic white mare, standing impressively tall for this region and perfectly accommodating Ernesto's 6-foot stature with ease. At 3 years old, Moa is not only a picture of grace but is also expecting a bundle of joy, sired by a colossal brown stallion, promising an even more substantial addition to our equine family soon.

On the other hoof, we have Yera, a lovely brown mare at 2 years old, boasting a size that aligns seamlessly with the dimensions typical for this area—a perfect size for petite Sarah to launch into the saddle without a ladder. Both Moa and Yera hail from the same small herd of a neighbor, ensuring a harmonious and familiar bond between them.

Known for their tranquil demeanor and friendly disposition, Moa and Yera are more than just horses; they are companions ready to take you on a journey through the scenic wonders of our property. For your riding pleasure, we've fenced in the back part of our expansive grounds, which includes not only a designated helicopter landing pad but also a generous stretch of rainforest adorned with a meandering stream.

Picture this: Moa and Yera leisurely exploring the rainforest, forging their own trails as they seek out delectable plants, creating a natural and immersive experience for both them and our guests. It's a picturesque scene where the equine elegance meets the untouched beauty of the rainforest.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of our unique eco-lodge, where horseback rides become a gateway to exploration and connection with nature. Book your stay at Camaroncito EcoResort and Beach now and become a part of the enchanting tale that Moa and Yera are crafting in the heart of the Caribbean coast. Your equine adventure awaits! 🐴✨ #CamaroncitoEquineElegance #RideWithMoaAndYera #EcoResortAdventure


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