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sarah and ernesto

Get to Know Us

The Owners of Camaroncito - Sarah & Ernesto
We are living our dream. We are beach bums, foodies, and salsa dancers, and spent many years seeking out and traveling to places with forests and beaches, just like Camaroncito!

We have four adult children, eight siblings, and many dear friends worldwide, all of whom visit regularly. We love to share our escape from modern life. We also care for our community by treating the environment and our workers with care and respect and contributing to economic development in our area.

Hi, my name is Sarah Bajc

I love making guests feel at home with delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere.  Although I was raised in Michigan, I have lived in 6 countries, and traveled to over 60 before arriving in Panama, so our kitchen is very international!

sarah bajc
ernesto berrocal

Hi, my name is Ernesto Berrocal

I can fix or make anything, and I'm always the life of the party.  I grew up in Panama Viejo (Old Panama), then studied architectural drafting in Cuba!  It is my heartfelt privilege to share my love for salsa music with you!

camaroncito staff
Our team all live in the nearest village, Cocle del Norte.

They are committed to ensuring guests are delighted.
Sarah and Ernesto, owners

After several years offering "glamping" services, Camaroncito went through a year of complete remodeling.  We reopened in January 2023. Most of the rainforest has been left untouched except for winding hiking trails. We selectively cleared only for buildings and food production.

We enjoy feeling at one with nature, so our buildings and furniture are rustic and hand-crafted from local wood. There are screened windows and ceiling fans for constant comfort. Guests will find the absence of plastic and glitz refreshing.

Still, we enjoy modern conveniences, so our satellite broadband and awesome karaoke systems are solar-powered, and the showers have plenty of HOT water. We want you to feel at home, only better, because we do all the work!


You can hang out in the kitchen to learn how to make local cuisine or select your own cold beer or glass of wine from the bar.  You can learn how to open a coconut with a machete.

Come to Camaroncito to be mesmerized by the sounds of the rainforest and the ocean surf simultaneously, be enchanted by the crystal clear stars unaffected by light pollution, and be entranced by the shadows cast by a full moon through the coconut palm trees. 

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