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... is an excellent adventure!

Camaroncito is on Panama's central Caribbean coast, which is still mostly undeveloped, and, thus is still pristine. 

We are blessed with incredible privacy, as there is no road that reaches us.


Thus, getting to Camaroncito must be in part by sea, river, or air.


Our all-inclusive vacation packages are built to include a variety of transport options to satisfy the adventurous spirit of each guest.

Or you may start with an existing package and alter the transport option.  Just let us know and we will provide a customized quote.  

Getting to Camaroncito is part of the overall experience!!!

Part Way by Land

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Drive Your Own Car

From Panama City, the drive to our OCEAN boat launch at Mansueto (near Miguel de la Borda) is about

2 hours on newly paved roads across the new Atlantic Bridge, through through lush rainforest and along scenic ocean coastline.


Or you may choose a 4 hour drive from Panama City through interior pueblos and rolling hills to our

RIVER boat launch at Coclesito (near Penonome). 


Both locations have secure parking.

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River Boat Tour

The 2 hour tour up the Cocle del Norte river in a motorized long cayuco is smooth and peaceful.

Innumerable species of birds, cattle, and even a few water buffalo can be observed along the banks.

At the Cocle del Norte pueblo you will transfer to an ocean boat for a 10 minute ride to Camaroncito. Or you may choose the 40 minute hike to us along a cut dirt road while we carry your luggage on horseback.

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Let Us Drive You

For guests seeking extra relaxation, let us drive you while you sip a cold drink from the stocked cooler. 

Package prices including our land transport assume pickup and dropoff in the Panama City area, but a quote can be given for anywhere in Panama.

Using our chauffeur allows the option to arrive via river transport and leave via ocean transport, for a full tour of beautiful Panama!

j transport boat leaving close.jpg

Caribbean Coast Tour

Our most popular option is a thrilling open boat tour along the Caribbean coast from Mansuerto to Camaroncito Beach.

The ride is about 45 minutes, and can be either bumpy and wet or smooth as silk, depending on the weather.  

We provide quality life jackets, large plastic bags to keep luggage dry, and rain parkas and clear glasses for those who want them.

Part Way by Water

A Total Splurge by Air (Helicopter)

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Splurge on a 30-minute birds' eye tour of Panama from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast, and over the Canal, to be greeted with a bottle of champagne at the helicopter landing pad on our property.

Ask for a quote to arrive via helicopter and the return via ocean or river boat then minibus, or REALLY splurge with roundtrip!

Totally by Land or Water?

If you can drive across 2 planks, and you have a winch strong enough to pull you through many meters of deep mud, then YES, you can come in your 4x4 during the dry season (February to April). 


It takes a full day:  cross the Miguel de la Borda River on a wooden-platform-on-barrels ferry, then traverse 30 kilometers of dirt road. There are 7 narrow wood platform bridges, 4 long spans of mud, and 3 crossings with just planks. It is a challenge!!!

By Land in 4x4
jetskis in river.jpeg

If you own a Jetski, April to August is your time to visit Camaroncito!!!

It takes just over an hour if the water is calm.  You will launch your jet ski in the Miguel de la Borda River, and park your car and trailer nearby.  

Camaroncito will also host a few "JetSki Days" with fun competitions that you can join in.  Message us for more information.

By Sea on Jetski
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