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Our social area sunny view at Camaroncito Eco Resort

Eat & Drink at La Ensenada

Happy Tummy

After booking, guests will complete a short survey regarding their food and drink preferences, then we will plan a menu to ensure there is delicious variety and that you are delighted.  We provide a substantial breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as unlimited snacks.  Our dining area is beachfront!

The bulk of our food and drink is sourced locally, though our sauce and spice-rack are quite international.  Our menu is a mix of traditional Panamanian fare, cooked with a healthy twist, and a variety of American, European and Asian cuisine.  The only complaint we have ever received regarding our food is that it is too delicious to stop at one helping.

An example menu may include ... 

Breakfast: many varieties of eggs, pancakes, hojalda (fried bread), tortillas, french toast, oatmeal, yogurt with granola, bacon, ham, sausage, and of course fresh fruit.

Lunch:  homemade soup or stew, tacos or burritos, hot and cold sandwiches, amazing hamburgers on fresh rolls, casseroles, salads, dumplings, homemade pizza, fried rice, panamanian tamales, and many varieties of pasta. 

Dinner:  grilled or roasted meat, chicken or fish, a wide variety of vegetable and starch dishes, fresh bread and butter, fresh fruit or a homemade dessert.  

Snacks:  We always keep a variety of quick cook favorites on hand to keep any appetite happy, such as fresh cut fried potatoes/yucca/plantains, popcorn popped in fresh coconut oil, nachos or quesadillas, fresh vegetables with dip, fresh fruit, and creative grilled cheese sandwiches!

NOTE:  We host a maximum of twelve guests at a time, so we literally plan around specific eating preferences, just like you would do when you have guests in your home.  Guests may ask for alterations to the planned menu in advance, or on the fly as their appetite dictates.  For instance, you may prefer a heavy lunch, then a variety of hors d'oeuvres with drinks instead of a full dinner.  We literally design the menu around guest preferences.  

Happy Hour Any Time

Welcome to Camaroncito's "La Ensenada Bar", where you can enjoy the best of both worlds - a relaxing open bar where you can help yourself to a cold beer or glass of wine, or enjoy having the  bartender make you a blended ice cocktail.  Enjoy a chilled mimosa at breakfast, or a hot cocoa before bed.  We strive to please any taste.


Our Open Bar is self-serve (or you may ask a staff member to serve you) and are unlimited all day, including a variety of soft and alcoholic drinks such as locally-sourced coffee, fresh juices, smoothies, soft drinks, cold beer, white and red wine, liquors and cocktails.  Our cabanas come equipped with in-room coffee/tea service and mini-fridges that will be stocked to your liking, so you can enjoy a drink whenever the mood strikes you.


We cater to both late nighters and early birds.  The monkeys don't mind our noise, but many guests prefer to hear only the waves.  Part of our guest survey asks if you prefer to be closer to or further from the social area.

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