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camaroncito beach helicopter view

Panama Paradise Property

Beach Properties for SALE in a Caribbean Paradise on the Costa Abajo de Colon, Panama

Camaroncito is Helping to Develop Costa Abajo

Discover the perfect opportunity to invest in beautiful and sustainable properties right now!

Panama Paradise Properties is a program being offered through Premier Casa, a well respected international real estate investment firm, and Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach.  Most of the two dozen properties available are beachfront land on the 40 kilometer stretch of land between the villages of Miguel de la Borda and of Cocle del Norte, on the Costa Abajo of Colon, Panama, which is the central Caribbean coast.  Look for the Pink and Purple zones marked on the map below.


Sarah and Ernesto invite you to consider being a neighbor!  They would be delighted to help you arrange a tour to visit several properties in the area!  Click HERE for more information about Real Estate Tours.

Panama Paradise Properties map
Camaroncito Beach in Panama

Take a WorkCation...
Enjoy a vacation while you consider buying your own beachfront paradise.

Come spend a week here to fall in love with the land. Let us plan it all for you. Pickup from Panama City or the airport, charming beachfront accommodations and all-inclusive dining and open bar at Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach, guided tours of the property, personalized videos taken with our drone and a personal experience of heaven on earth.

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