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Camaroncito Eco Resort is now the official climate-friendly travel resort of Panama!

🌿 Exciting News! 🌎🌟

Guess what, eco-conscious adventurers? Camaroncito Eco Resort is now the FIRST official climate-friendly resort in Panama! 🌴☀️ We've joined the exclusive ranks of just TWO such gems in all of Central America, recognized by the respected Climate Friendly Travel Club. 🏆🌊

climate friendly travel club
climate friendly travel club

What is the Climate Friendly Travel Club?

As with all Social Enterprises, The Climate Friendly Travel Club has a dual mission: financial sustainability and social/environmental impact. We will always prioritize innovative solutions to pressing environmental problems and operate with transparency and accountability.

By joining the Climate Friendly Travel Club, our members are contributing to our key overarching aims:

  1. Addressing Global Critical Issues: We support the pressing global challenges of poverty, education, and environmental sustainability.

  2. Economic Development: We promote economic development for communities in the least developed countries on earth by creating jobs and providing training.

  3. Innovation and Sustainability: We drive innovation and sustainable practices for the travel sector.

  4. Ethical Consumerism: We proactively promote and support ethical consumerism, supporting businesses with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

How did Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach become an official climate-friendly travel resort?

First, we designed Camaroncito from the ground up to be as sustainable as possible:

1) Environmentally - in regards to our feather light environmental impact. We are 100% solar powered, filter and sterilize our own local water, and we compost and recycle religiously.

2) Socially - in regards to our training and employment programs that support our local community, including the incorporation of local culture into our activities

3) Economic - in regards to sustainable economic development efforts within the broader community in an effort to improve the quality of life for our neighbors.

Our cozy retreat is nestled on a secluded Caribbean beach cove along Panama's lush Atlantic coast, where the rainforest meets the sea. 🌧️🌊 Despite our 100% off grid operation, we are only three hours from the Tocumen International Airport. Our airport pickup and all-inclusive model ensure you will be utterly pampered and relaxed while you immerse yourself in nature.

What makes us stand out? 🌟

🌴 Only four cabanas for an intimate experience

🍽️ Gourmet meals with local ingredients

🍹 A fully stocked open bar

🌸 Beachfront spa for ultimate relaxation

🧘 Yoga sessions on our expansive beachfront deck

🐎 Horseback riding along the beach or through the rainforest

🏡 Handcrafted cabanas with eco-friendly amenities

🚿 Hot water showers open to the rainforest

📶 Free high-speed Wi-Fi

🌍 Long-term stay options for digital nomads

🎉 Perfect for private events like reunions and birthdays

So why wait? Dive into nature, embrace green living, and book your dream vacation at Camaroncito Eco Resort now! 🌏🌴🌞

Visit us here:


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