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Eco Resorts in Panama

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Panama is known for its rich and diverse culture, landscapes, pristine beaches, and massive rainforest. It is no wonder that it has become a top destination for travelers looking to experience the beauty of nature. An eco-resort in Panama may be the perfect accommodation for those looking for an even more immersive experience.

Eco resorts offer travelers the opportunity to stay in nature while enjoying the luxury of modern amenities. At an eco-resort in Panama, visitors can enjoy the region's beauty while participating in sustainable practices that help reduce their environmental impact. These resorts often incorporate environmentally friendly practices such as utilizing renewable energy sources, encouraging the use of local materials and suppliers, and utilizing sustainable building practices.

Most Eco Resorts in Panama are owned and operated as family businesses, run by couples where one spouse is a "Westerner", and the other is Panamanian. Camaroncito is exactly that! Sarah was born in Michigan but has lived in seven different countries. Ernesto was born in Panama Viejo in Panama City, but has traveled extensively on his own and with Sarah. Together they bring the best of their respective experiences to ensure that guests are delighted. Sarah can cook any style of cuisine using mostly local ingredients, and Ernesto can teach guests how to open a coconut with a machete, or how to dance salsa!

1. Getting to an Eco Resort is Part of the Adventure!

As most eco-resorts are in undeveloped areas, guests seeking such experiences are usually also seeking the challenge of getting to them. Your transport to Camaroncito will be a wonderful experience! There are three main options available to you, each of which offers a unique view into the beautiful countryside and special sights of Panama.

Transport Options to Camaroncito Eco Resort
Transport Options to Camaroncito Eco Resort

If you choose the faster route, you will drive (in your car, or we can pick you up from anywhere in Panama) to our boat dock in Mansueto, about two hours from Panama City over beautiful newly paved roads. You will have the opportunity to cross the New Atlantic Bridge over the Panama Canal!!!

Cross the Panama Canal on the New Atlantic Bridge
Cross the Panama Canal on the New Atlantic Bridge

That alone is an an unforgettable experience. Throughout the drive, guests will be surrounded by the unmatched beauty and biodiversity of the region, with its lush tropical rainforest, pristine mangroves, and abundant wildlife. You will then board our open ocean boat for a 45 minute thrilling ride along the Caribbean coast of Panama.

Thrilling boat tour along the Caribbean coast to reach Camaroncito
Thrilling boat tour along the Caribbean coast to reach Camaroncito

If you choose the longer route, the drive is about five hours, through Panama's interior villages and mountains to the Coclesito river, where you will board a motorized river kayak for a soothing ride through lush countryside, passing sustenance farms and villages along the way. You will be amazed by the variety and quantity of birds!!!

Relaxing river tour to reach Camaroncito
Relaxing river tour to reach Camaroncito

2. Variety of accommodations at Eco Resorts in Panama

At the Eco Resorts in Panama, guests can stay in various accommodations. From luxurious villas to cozy rooms in a row, or even in hammocks strung under a palm frond "rancho". There is something for everyone. Some eco-resorts, like Camaroncito, offer rustic yet spacious and thoughtfully appointed cabanas designed to blend into the natural landscape yet still provide the bed and bath quality expected by global travelers. The cabanas at Camaroncito Eco Resort and beach include a large terrace overlooking the beach, and large screened windows open to the rainforest behind. Even the bathroom is left mostly screened for a shower with a view of the lush tropical jungle. Don't worry, it is still totally private!

The cabanas are great for couple or small group getaways and include complimentary Wi-Fi in the social area and in-cabana charging stations, coffee service and refridgerator minibar. Whether you want a romantic getaway or an adventurous family trip, Camaroncito Eco Resort & Beach in Panama has something for everyone.

3. Sustainable practices

Camaroncito is committed to sustainable practices. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint while providing extremely comfortable accommodations. To do this, they use energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, low-flow faucets, and showers to reduce water usage. They also use solar power for their electricity needs. They also take care to avoid using any non-biodegradable materials and to reduce overall waste. The goal is to create a comfortable resort for the guests and to be kind to the environment.

4. Eco-tours and activities

You can sign up for various eco-tours and activities that offer you the chance to explore and experience the local environment. Each tour is led by an experienced guide who has deep knowledge and appreciation for the natural wonders of Panama. From river tours to horseback rides to hiking, the tours and activities allow you to explore the tropical rainforest, find rare wildlife, and learn about the culture and history of the area. They also offer a variety of eco-friendly workshops and classes for those interested in learning about the conservation of the environment or cooking with local ingredients.

Creek outlet to the Caribbean Sea near Camaroncito
Creek outlet to the Caribbean Sea near Camaroncito

5. Community involvement and support

One of the essential steps in creating a thriving eco-resort is to ensure that the local community is involved and supportive of the project. We have built relationships with local businesses and community leaders in the area to ensure that they are aware of the potential benefits that the resort will bring to them. Additionally, the local community is commonly consulted throughout the process to ensure their needs and concerns are met. Finally, the resort strives to create employment opportunities for locals and offer activities that benefit the local environment.


In conclusion, Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach in Panama is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a unique and sustainable getaway that combines luxury with sustainability and adventure. We offer something for everyone with our stunning beachfront location, secluded rainforest, and wealth of activities. Whether you are looking for a romantic escape or a family adventure, we are sure to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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