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The tourism industry must reinvent itself to fight climate change through climate friendly travel

Greetings from our always warm, never hot, eco-resort paradise, Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach, on the stunning Caribbean coast of Panama!

Reinvesting the travel industry to fight climate change

I recently read an excellent article published in The Big Issue by ADIL HASSAN

about how the tourism industry must reinvent itself to fight climate change. Although his article is directed at the tourism industry, many travelers may want to consider this information when deciding how and where to travel. You can see the original article here:

The SUNx Climate Friendly Travel Registry is part of the solution

Climate Friendly Travel to reduce climate change
Climate Friendly Travel to reduce climate change

As the summer heatwaves wreaked havoc on beloved holiday destinations across the world, we can't help but reflect on the urgent need for a shift in the way we approach travel. Climate change is undeniably reshaping our world, and the tourism industry, despite being a victim of its own excesses, plays a significant role in contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Here at our eco-resort in Panama, we believe it's time for the tourism sector to reinvent itself and embrace a more sustainable future. The SUNx Program ( an inspiring initiative supported by Malta’s Ministry of Tourism, is guiding travel and tourism companies towards a greener path aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Inspired by the visionary Maurice Strong, the founding executive director of the UN environment program, SUNx focuses on harnessing the positive force of tourism to combat climate change. Maurice Strong envisioned tourism as a catalyst for positive change, and his legacy lives on through the Strong Universal Network, or SUNx. Climate change is existential, and if left unaddressed, it threatens humanity.

Southern Europe's extreme temperatures and the devastating floods in many parts of the world are stark reminders of the urgency to act. The SUNx Program positions tourism at the forefront of the response to the climate crisis. Through their Climate Friendly Travel (CFT) culture, they promote sustainable development goals and encourage low-carbon, nature-friendly tourism that provides economic advancement to communities in a sustainable way.

Camaroncito is proud to be part of this movement, committed to sustainable measures such a chemical-free water filtration and sterilization, 100% solar power, composting waste, elimination of single-use plastic, nurturing a permaculture farm on-site to provide much of our food, and purchasing most of the rest from sources within 300 km. By joining the SUNx registry, we've taken a step towards creating climate action plans, focusing on waste management, energy conservation, and overall eco-friendly practices.

Camaroncito is the only CFT registered business in Panama

Climate Friendly travel is sustainable
Climate Friendly travel is sustainable

As of today, Camaroncito is the only Climate Friendly Travel registered business in Panama, but we are committed to improving access to eco-friendly travel options throughout our region.

In the coming years, SUNx aims to support 100,000 climate champions worldwide through their CFT Diploma, fostering the next generation of climate leaders. This diploma, the world's first dedicated to tourism and climate resilience, creates a global community committed to greener pathways for the future of travel and tourism.

At our eco-resort, we believe in not just meeting but exceeding these goals. As part of the SUNx Group's efforts, we are excited about the launch of two social enterprises—Climate Friendly Travel Services and the Climate Friendly Travel Club. The former helps destinations plan for the future by considering changing weather scenarios, while the latter connects climate-conscious travelers with like-minded tourism companies, advocating for clean aviation as an essential part of climate-friendly travel.

Speaking of aviation, we recognize its significant impact on tourism, contributing almost a third of the industry's overall carbon emissions. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is hailed as a key solution, but its limited supply poses a challenge. We, along with the SUNx Group, advocate for faster development and deployment of SAF and new propulsion technologies like electric and hydrogen within the next decade.

Slow travel is part of lower impact travel

We also advocate slower travel, where travelers plan fewer but longer excursions, to minimize transport and maximize experience. We offer long-term stay options to encourage this approach

As Maurice Strong wisely said, "What we do as individuals matters. It adds up." Each positive choice we make as travelers has the power to effect change. So, consider joining us on a journey that transcends ordinary tourism—explore the wonders of eco-tourism, embrace sustainable travel, and be a part of the solution. Together, we can create a future where travel and nature thrive harmoniously.

Slow travel with long terms stays
Slow travel with long terms stays


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