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The Road to Camaroncito 4 - Where did the road go?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Video #4 - The Road to Camaroncito - Where did the road go?

We knew it couldn't last. After about an hour of "driving", the road just disappeared into a wall of dense rainforest. The only way to find it again was to set out on foot with machetes, and discover where there was a "path" with only low level underbrush but no trees larger than an inch or two in diameter. Yes, the rainforest grows that fast !!!

It took us 2 full days to drive our beloved Jeep "La Cabrita" (The Little Goat) from Miguel de la Borda to Camaroncito. In this series of videos we will share a few of the highlights of this incredible adventure through breathtaking landscape and backbreaking obstacles.

Camaroncito EcoResort is committed to helping our community move forward with this critical project to bring accessibility to Costa Abajo. Let us know if you can help!

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