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Perfect Investment in Panama's Rainforest Beaches - Caribbean beachfront property for sale

pristine caribbean beachfront property for sale
pristine caribbean beachfront property for sale

Pristine Caribbean Beachfront Paradise

The Perfect Investment in Panama's Undeveloped Rainforest Beaches on the Atlantic Coast

Written July 24, 2023 by Sarah Bajc, Owner of Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach, provider of real estate tour services ( AND property improvement services ( in the off-grid area of Costa Abajo in Colon, in partnership with Premier Casa, a respected real estate firm (

A Well Kept Secret

Imagine owning a slice of pristine paradise on a deserted Caribbean beach, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying privacy, seclusion, and tranquility. Now imagine that you can actually AFFORD that property, and that you can enjoy it now, and expect it to increase in value! Located on the Caribbean coast of Panama, this previously undeveloped area is now attracting attention as the next hot real estate investment area. In recent years the government has scaled up infrastructure investments on the Caribbean coast, and we expect that trend to continue. Now is the time to secure your place in paradise by purchasing a pristine caribbean beachfront property for sale.

There is a 30 kilometer stretch of exquisite coconut palm fringed coastline stretching from Miguel de la Borda to Cocle del Norte. Let’s call this zone Panama Paradise Property. When looking at a map of Panama, the Panama Canal runs through the center of this isthmus of a country, from Panama City on the Southern/Pacific coast of Panama up to Colon, on the Northern/Atlantic coast of Panama. This PPP zone lies about 80 kilometers to the West of Colon, and is dotted with small fishing villages, freshwater rivers emptying to the ocean, volcanic rock outcroppings, and incredible light sand beaches.

This area is just above the equator so the weather is temperate tropical. The temperature ranges from 75 to 85 Fahrenheit, all year, and the water is always jade green and warm. There is usually a good breeze, but a ceiling fan is more than sufficient to keep you cool when the air is still. While we get some thrilling thunderstorms, they seldom last longer than an hour, and it is just as likely to be sunny again on the same day. There has never been a hurricane or tsunami along the Caribbean coast of Panama. This part of Panama has a different climate from the Pacific coast, in that there are less well defined rainy and dry seasons. Generally, first and third quarters of the year are ⅔ sun and ⅓ rain, with the opposite ratio in the second and fourth quarters. This is the rainforest coast, and your skin and garden will love the humidity.

Why is This Land Still Undeveloped?

Most of this Panama Paradise Property zone is owned by subsistence farmers and fisherman who still live here, under the "right of possession" land law in Panama, also known as "derecho posesorio" in Spanish. This law has its origins in Panama's historical development and legal framework that can be traced back to the Spanish colonial period, but it was formalized by the Civil Code of 1916, which established specific requirements for acquiring and maintaining possession rights, including the need for continuous, peaceful, and public possession of the property, and the ability to pass it to heirs or sell it.

Once registered and secured at the municipal level, Right of Possession of a specific parcel of land can be transferred, inherited, or sold. ROP land can also be fully titled, but in this area it seldom has been as the owners do not have the financial resources or know how required to do so.

You can learn more about the positives and negatives of purchasing Right of Possession versus Titled property in this article: Right Right of Possession vs. Titled Land in Panama.

Why is Now the Time to Buy Caribbean beachfront property for sale?

Most of the original ROP owners have already passed their property to heirs who are less enthusiastic about a life of fishing and subsistence farming. Most current owners have been seeking to sell their land for many years, but just have not had the opportunity to access potential buyers. Also, the lack of infrastructure to access this area has been a barrier to buyers finding sellers. Recently, however, government investments in both transportation and communication infrastructure have begun to remove those barriers, and so the market is beginning to open.

In just the past few years the transport time to reach this lovely area from Panama City has been cut from six hours to two. The gorgeous new Atlantic Bridge spanning the northern end of the Panama Canal has turned an unpredictable and tedious ferry crossing into a two minute drive with breathtaking views. And the newly paved roads and improved bridges allow you to cruise west after crossing the new bridge, past President Cortizos cattle ranch, through lush rainforest and rolling cattle pastures, and along incredible coastline views to reach Miguel de la Borda (about 50 kilometers west of Colon) in only an hour. Goodbye potholes and one way bridges!

We are now at the confluence of these multiple impacts and that makes this a unique opportunity for investors seeking either to benefit now with an incredible and affordable off-grid vacation property, or those seeking a longer-term investment. Although this specific PPP zone is reachable only by boat, the ocean time ranges from only 10 to 70 minutes, so is certainly manageable. And while most properties give the sensation of being on a deserted island, you are in fact on the mainland with high fertile ground and fresh water sources just behind the beach zone. Despite the utter lack of development, these properties are only 3 hours of total travel time from a brand new international airport and world class medical and retail services in a politically and financially stable country. Purchasing this unspoiled and exclusive property not only guarantees an incredible vacation destination for your family, but can also help to create a positive impact on the area's social, environmental, and economic development.

There is a third factor that is pushing this market forward with more speed, and that is the availability of compact and robust solar power and satellite internet technologies that bring the creature comforts of civilization to your off-grid paradise. It is possible to work at 150 mbps speeds on your laptop while you sit with your feet in the warm Caribbean sand with the sounds of surf and rainforest birds as your white noise. Panama offers several straightforward options to obtain permanent residency with ease, the overall tax climate is one of the most sought after internationally, the economy is based on the USD and the banking, communication and healthcare systems are world class.

Wow, I’m Interested! Where Do I Start?

Interested buyers are definitely in luck. There are several very early adopters already established in this lovely area, and they are eager to recruit their future neighbors. Premier Casa is a fully licensed international real estate investment firm with 20 years of experience in this market. They also own two of the fully titled properties for sale in the Panama Paradise Property zone. Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach is also located in this zone, and its owners are personally invested in helping this area to thrive, and have the hands-on experience of assessing, purchasing, developing and titling an ROP property here. These two businesses have created a program to benefit both sellers and buyers in this area, combining the respected real estate credentials and expertise of Jeff at Premier Casa with the pragmatic experience and assistance of Sarah and Ernesto, the owners of Camaroncito, and promoters of Panama Paradise Properties.

One of the key attractions of considering property in this zone is the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and help of Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach, which has developed over the past six years and is an integral part of the local community, participating in many community development projects, and providing high value training and work opportunities to local residents. Sarah is an American, and is an experienced expatriate who has lived in 5 countries before settling in Panama. Ernesto is Panamanian, and has many years of experience building and remodeling houses, and installing water and solar systems in Panama.

You can learn more about specific properties in the PPP zone here:

You can look at a sample real estate tour itinerary here: You may also drop an email with questions and a request for a custom tour proposal to:

You may also want to consider other beachfront properties on offer in other parts of Panama through Premier Casa here:

Rest assured that we will arrange all of the logistics details for you, from airport pickup to accommodation in Panama City and the various areas you want to consider, to reliable licensed transport services at every step of the way, including a helicopter tour of the PPP zone. We even provide drone photography and video services for you to take back your own customized visual footage. If you want to sneak in a little tourism and sightseeing along the way, just let us know and we can suggest some options and make the arrangements.

What Will a Real Estate Tour Look Like?

Depending on the amount of time you have to spend in Panama, and where you want to assess property, here is an approximate schedule of what to expect:

You will start by writing to us at to confirm your interest in specific properties and to identify dates. A detailed quote will be provided to you, and a deposit of $500 will be required to secure your reservation, and initiate the process of securing specific helicopter transport quotes if that is of interest to you, with the final balance being confirmed once all arrangements have been made. You will pay that balance about a week prior to your arrival. Payment can be made with Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

Assuming you want to visit three to four properties all in the PPP zone, this is what your visit will look like. Of course timings (and cost) will be affected by your inbound and outbound flight times, or if you choose to add additional time in Panama City or other parts of Panama. For more detail regarding the options, visit:

2 Guests for 6 Total Days: $6,000 (estimated)

Day 1 - Airport or Panama City pickup and transfer to the helicopter airport. 60 minute tour from the Pacific ocean, over Panama City, along the Panama Canal, then along the PPP coastline, with pauses over the properties you will visit in person.

Days 2 to 5 - Guided transport and machete cleared walkthroughs of several properties. The time needed depends on which properties you want to see, and how deeply you want to explore each. We can give a more binding price and time quote once you confirm your specific interests. Usually a visit of all properties is done by boat on the first day to get a feel for the beachfront and general property conditions. Then longer visits are made to one and two top selections. We can also stop at one or more local villages so you can get a feel for the area.

Day 6 - Ocean transport to Miguel de la Borda where ground transport will bring you back to Panama City. Accommodation in Panama City or sightseeing can be arranged per guest preference.

During your stay at Camaroncito, you will enjoy a beachfront cabana with a queen bed, solar power and hot water shower for 2 guests. We do have cabanas with 1 queen and 2 twin beds available. Plentiful and delicious home cooked meals and snacks are included in the price, as is enjoyment of a self service full open bar and the resort’s beach and rainforest.

The helicopter cost is over half of the estimated price of this package, and it varies depending on gas prices and how many properties you want to hover over. Once you have confirmed the properties you want to see, we will secure a quote with a trusted helicopter transport company that you will pay directly. Generally, helicopter airtime is $300 per 15 minutes, including helicopter wait time and the return flight to the city.

Your Tour is Also a Window Into Life Here

Incredible nature and privacy await you at Camaroncito Eco Resort & Beach, Indulge in the comfort of our fully sustainable facilities and personal service. Four beachfront cabanas and roomy social areas are 100% solar powered and surrounded by rainforest and wildlife. Creative and delicious meals are crafted with locally sourced ingredients. Our private beach cove offers soft light sand and warm clean water.

Your visit to Camaroncito is more than a working vacation. It is also a look into what life here is really like. Sarah Bajc and Ernesto Berrocal are the owners of Camaroncito, and have been involved in this area since 2017. They are committed to providing environmentally sustainable nature immersion experiences for guests, and fair economic and social solutions for their local community. They are eager to recruit high quality neighbors, and so are motivated to help you make the best decision for you by sharing their personal experiences.

Owner Development and Use of Panama Paradise Property

Buyers interested in purchasing property in this area in order to develop a vacation or permanent home are in luck! Ernesto and Sarah are deeply experienced with what works, and doesn’t, in regards the development of property and the design and construction of buildings that will be comfortable and sustainable for discerning owners. This approach allows you to enjoy your property now, as well as look forward to the benefits of its value appreciating over time.

You can benefit from their experiences as advisors on where to start on your own personal development and construction efforts, or to completely outsource the building of your personal paradise retreat. They will be delighted to guide you through the steps needed to obtain the needed permits and materials, equipment and trained workers. Prior to beginning construction of Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach, Ernesto built and remodeled homes, and designed and installed water systems for over a decade in Panama City.

One aspect of your time at Camaroncito will include a tour of the owner’s personal home, outbuildings and farm. You can see firsthand what it takes to install an aqueduct and water filtration system, solar power systems, sustainability built buildings that provide protection while also allowing you to feel connected to the incredible nature around you.

Long-Term Investment Returns

Investing in unspoiled exclusive property on a deserted Caribbean beach with rainforest can also be done purely as a long-term investment. The demand for exclusive eco-resorts and private getaways has been steadily increasing in recent years, and available undeveloped land is becoming more rare. As this area gains recognition among discerning travelers, its value is likely to appreciate significantly. The exclusivity and limited number of available beachfront properties ensure impressive returns on your investment over time.

Beyond personal gains, investing in this unspoiled exclusive property with an eye towards sustainable development, also contributes to the social, environmental, and economic development in the region. The careful development of your property not only creates job opportunities for local communities but also fosters cultural exchange between owners and locals. By employing local staff and supporting nearby businesses, you actively participate in the growth and prosperity of the region, helping to uplift the local economy. By promoting environmental stewardship, you play a role in preserving the pristine beauty of the rainforest and the Caribbean coastline for generations to come.


Investing in unspoiled exclusive property on a deserted Caribbean beach with rainforest in Panama is an opportunity that offers a multitude of benefits. The privacy and feeling of isolation, coupled with the convenience of accessibility to a world class airport, guarantee an unparallelled escape from the ordinary. The long-term investment potential, driven by the growing demand for sustainable natural developments, promises high returns. Furthermore, the property's sustainable practices and commitment to social, environmental, and economic development ensure a positive impact on the region.


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