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Caribbean beach cove at Camaroncito
  • What makes Camaroncito EcoResort special?
    Based on guest feedback, the three most unique aspects of a vacation at Camaroncito are: 1) IMMERSION IN NATURE - Our cabanas are handcrafted with local wood and are cooled with silent solar power, with the beach to the front, and rainforest behind. Our restaurant, bar, and spa are all open to the beach and rainforest as well. 2) PRIVACY - We host no more than 12 guests at a time unless the entire resort is rented by one group, in which case we set up tents to support up to 24 people, yet our huge beach cove and rainforest are totally private, and are dedicated to just our resort. 3) CARING SERVICE - We strive for you to feel as if you are visiting a close friend who is generous with their space, incredible food and drinks, and many interesting things to do. * Check out our customer reviews at:
  • What is the beach like ... is it good for swimming?
    Our beach cove is huge (600 meters long), has soft light sand, and is very private. We are the only development for many miles in either direction. The water is warm all year and is a light green color. It is lovely for swimming, walking in the water, or just floating in sheer bliss. You can walk out on the sandy bottom for 10 to 30 meters before it drops off. We usually have low surf that is perfect for playing in the waves with a boogie board, though sometimes it is as smooth as glass.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    You can arrive to Camaroncito Eco Resort and Beach with just a small bag with light clothing and personal items. We provide all linens, bath and beach towels, full size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and ample food and drink selections. We also have a wide variety of sizes of tall rubber boots for guests to use hiking in the rainforest and horseback riding. Weather in Panama is temperate (75 to 85 Fahrenheit / 24 to 29 Celcius) and humid all year. In the first and third quarters of the year, it is sunny 2/3 of the time. In the second and fourth quarters of the year it is sunny 1/3 of the time. We are in the rainforest, but it seldom rains all day. We usually have at least a few hours of sun every day. Each cabana has a drying line, and we provide free machine laundering of clothes every third day when sheets and towels are changed. We recommend you focus on comfortable, lightweight quick dry fabrics: Two sets of casual shorts and t-shirts for the day. Two sets of lightweight long-sleeved t-shirts and lounge pants for the evenings (to keep both the evening chill and insects at bay). A set of casual party/dancing clothes if that is part of the experience you want to have here!!! Skip special shoes, we mostly go barefoot. Swimsuit, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat and flip-flops for the beach. One set of heavier pants (not jeans), long-sleeved shirt, and long socks (to wear inside the knee-high black rubber boots we provide) for jungle hikes or horseback riding. Durable, waterproof sandals that stay on your feet for getting in and out of the boat and for walking on the volcanic rocks and climbing river cascades. If you will take the river tour and waterfall hike, bring snug fitting shorts, tank top, and socks for climbing and swimming in the waterfalls. Bring your own sunscreen, personal toiletries and medications. We provide spray bottles of natural oil anti-insect spray that works well against our local sand flies and gnats that come out at dawn and dusk (as is normal on all beaches), but feel free to bring your own. We seldom see mosquitos or wasps around the resort, but they do live in the jungle all around us. Charging cables and waterproof carriers (quart sized slide zipper baggies work great) for your electronics.
  • How do I make a reservation?
    You can reserve a cabana in our "build your own vacation" customized booking form: We will respond within 8 hours regarding availability for the dates and number of guests. There are also preset packages to give you an idea of our offerings. You may also message us with your interests and we will prepare a custom quote for you: Email: WhatsApp +507 6241 8879 Call +1 678 608 0477
  • What kinds of guests visit Camaroncito?
    Most of our longer term guests are from Europe or North America, but we are delighted to host guests from anywhere, and of any belief system or background. We welcome members of the LGBTQ community. Children aged 6 to 12 enjoy a 30% discount off adult rates, and teenagers 13 to 17 enjoy a 15% discount. Well behaved pets will LOVE it here. The owners have traveled extensively throughout Panama, and are eager to share Panama's wonders with the world. We can introduce you to trusted tour operators if you want to see more of the country than just our little slide of heaven. We can customize meals to suit a variety of preferences, and are quite skilled with translation tools for communication in multiple languages. Due to our remote and wild nature, Camaroncito is not suitable for individuals with limited mobility, or for very young children (< 6 years).
  • What does "nightly entertainment" mean?
    We have a good music system and microphone for when guests feel like singing karaoke, and Ernesto is always happy to give salsa dancing lessons! Depending on our guests, evenings might include many drinks and loud music and dancing, or a mellower vibe with board games or dominos ... or perhaps a huge bonfire on the beach. We have a few guitars for any guests who know how to play. Or, guests can just lay out under the stars and marvel at what the sky looks like without light pollution.
  • Can I bring my pet to Camaroncito?
    Yes, we welcome well behaved furry family members. We have two very friendly dogs, two cats, and three horses in our own family. There is an added charge of $10 per day, and your pet must be kept leashed in the central resort area. The beach and the rainforest are open run areas, assuming your dog can be counted on to not go uncontrolled after wildlife.
  • What does All-Inclusive mean?
    Camaroncito believes the BEST vacations are when you can just relax and forget about your wallet. So, we include everything in your cabana price: * Roundtrip ocean transport (airport pickup or helicopter tour are extra): * A fully equipped beachfront cabana: * All meals and snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks, in-room stocked minibar and coffee service: * Beach and rainforest activities. Only horseback riding, spa services and the waterfall hike are at an extra charge: * For long-term stay guests we offer a modified board option:
  • What are the prices?
    We provide a customized quote to each guest that includes EVERYTHING, even taxes. You can view a variety of package options or request a customized quote per your interests: For example, a six-day stay for two people is $1,350 for a beachfront cabana with a queen bed, an ensuite bathroom with hot water shower open to the rainforest, a stocked minibar, coffee service, and a terrace. This price is inclusive of ocean transport, all meals, snacks, drinks, an open self-serve bar, and all beach and rainforest activities. The price per additional night for two people is $210 per night, all-inclusive. A family of four can enjoy a full 10-day Panama holiday including airport pickup, two nights in a beautifully remodeled historic hotel in Panama's old French quarter, eight nights in a quad cabana with a queen bed and twin bunk beds, all-inclusive of all transport/meals/drinks/bar as above plus the waterfall tour, horseback riding, and massages for parents for $4,200. There are discounts for larger groups and stays longer than eight days. The entire resort can be rented for private events for up to 24 total occupancy including 3 large tents set up with mattresses for 4 guests in each.
  • What is Panama like?
    Panama is a paradise for eco-conscious tourists, seamlessly merging lush rainforests with pristine beaches, with many resorts offering sustainable luxury in harmony with nature. Immerse yourself in enchanting biodiversity where vibrant wildlife and cascading waterfalls await exploration. The warm azure waters of the Caribbean to the north and the crisp surfing waves of the Pacific to the south provide a haven for beach enthusiasts. Panama City, its vibrant and modern capital, coupled with a brand-new airport boasting 100+ direct global flights, ensures easy access for travelers. Embrace the historic charm of the gentrified old French quarter called Casco Viejo. With an economy in USD, visa-on-entry convenience, and English widely spoken, navigating this incredible destination is a seamless experience. Panama invites you to explore its amazing landscapes and enjoy the convenience of a well-connected travel hub.
  • Where are you located?
    Camaroncito is on the Central Caribbean Coast of Panama, locally called Costa Abajo de Colon. You can get to us in just 3 hours by driving north one hour to cross the new Atlantic Bridge, then west one hour to our boat dock near Miguel de la Borda. From there it is a 45 minute boat tour along the Caribbean coast to reach Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach. We also offer pickup and dropoff from Tocumen International Airport (PTY). You can also splurge and take a helicopter to us, enjoying a Pacific to Atlantic tour over the Panama Canal. We give much more detail here: You can see us on Google Maps (and read guest reviews) here:
  • Is Camaroncito good for families?
    Camaroncito is perfect for couples, small groups, and families with children >6 years. Two of our cabanas are double occupancy with a queen bed, and two of our cabanas are quad occupancy, with a queen bed and twin bunk beds. All cabanas have en-suite bathrooms with hot water showers. Camaroncito EcoResort can also be rented completely for private gatherings ... twelve people can reside in cabanas, and we can set up three huge tents, each with four single beds, for a total of 24 guests.
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