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Delighting our Guests


- High speed internet is available in the social area, free of charge.

- The resort has ample fresh, filtered water for bathing, piped via aqueduct from a sparkling river at the back of the property. A high quality water filtration and sterilization system provides all drinking and cooking water.

- We are fully solar powered. Each cabana has a ceiling fan, lights, USP charging ports, small fridge and coffee service.  for USB charging of cell phones/camaras/music players, and a generator for special event power needs. 

- We keep a basic emergency kit on site, but guests should bring any potential medical supplies they might need.  For serious emergencies, a helicopter can be landed on the property.



- Our kitchen and bar are stocked with (mostly) locally sourced ingredients, and the menus are designed to include both Panamanian and European dishes. Our neighbors raise beef, pork, chicken and eggs, and they fish off the coast.  They also grow yuca, plantains and a variety of vegetables and fruits, all of which are regularly featured at our table, supplemented by quality imported foods and beverages. 

- Meals are served “family style'' with flexible times for breakfast and lunch and a set time for dinner. Guests will complete a short survey regarding food preferences upon booking to ensure we delight your palate.

- A variety of snacks are always available: nuts, coconut, local fruit, homemade treats, and leftovers :-).

- Our OPEN BAR includes: (chilled or hot) filtered water, coconut water, ginger tea, green tea, coffee, limeade, fresh coconut water, local canned beer, boxed red and white wine, local rum and vodka, and seasonal fruit juice. We have ice and a blender.

- Vegetarian options are available, though we are not equipped to handle highly unique dietary needs such as kosher, halal, pure vegan or gluten-free. Guests are encouraged to bring any special foods or special alcohol they might want. 

- Regular guest feedback regarding the food and drink options is "WOW!!!” We strive to make your stomach very happy!!!

- While our resort is all-inclusive, it is not unlimited in all things, as we are quite remote and have storage restrictions. We will do our very best to ensure you are delighted, even if that means you might need to be a bit flexible and understanding.


While Camaroncito is not a place for wild parties, we certainly know how to have fun! The mix of guests at any time will determine how quiet or energetic your experience will be. This is why we take a survey of all guests at the time of booking to ensure everyone enjoys their stay.  


Most guest bring only a backpack with a few changes of clothes. A list of recommended items will be provided on booking.


Watch for our themed weekend options:  local rodeo, live salsa band, yoga retreat, fitness retreat, etc.



- There are a wide variety of activities that can be arranged for you, either at the time of booking or on the fly. You can also just read in a hammock or soak up rays on the beach.  Depending on the weather and guest preferences:

- daily guided group yoga practices

- swimming in the ocean and wave boarding

- collecting shells and unique driftwood along the beach

- building sandcastles

- constructing, then enjoying, driftwood bonfires 

- learning to open a fresh coconut with a machete

- hikes in the rainforest on our marked trails

- walks in the rivers bordering our property, including the waterfalls

- observing the local wildlife: monkeys, frogs, lizards, crabs, squirrels, armadillos, agoutis, bats and innumerable birds and butterflies

- salsa dancing, including casual lessons if you need

- games of cards or dominos

- beach volleyball, football, frisbee, etc. 

- karaoke using our speaker with microphone

- the most amazing stargazing ever! 


- Private yoga instruction

- Spa services: therapeutic massage, body scrub, facials

- Horseback riding lessons or trail rides

- Guided tours of the rainforest and rivers

- Transport to and guided tour of the local villages

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