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Our Own Rides!!!

After several years of renting horses from our neighbors when we needed to transport ourselves or supplies between Camaroncito and neighboring villages, or for guests to enjoy horseback riding tours, we finally have our own horses!

Meet Moa and Yera!

Moa is the white mare. She is big for this area, so will have no problem with Ernesto's 6 foot frame. She is 3 years old, and 8 months pregnant by a huge brown stallion so her baby should be even bigger. Yera is the brown mare, 2 years old, normal size for this area, and perfect sized for Sarah!

They are from the same small herd of a neighbor. Super calm and friendly, meant for riding. We fenced in the back part of the property where the helicopter landing pad is, including a large section of rainforest with a running stream. Horses here will wander into the rainforest looking for tasty plants, making their own trails over time.

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