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All-Inclusive Vacation Packages

​Due to our remote location, transport by boat and full board (all meals included) are required for all guests.


Our minimum occupancy is 2 people for 2 nights.  Each beachfront cabana has a queen sized bed.  If your group has an uneven number of people, the extra person will be in a cabana by themselves at a discounted rate.

Young adults over 14 are welcome at full price.  Our environment is not suitable for younger children.

_s social area sunny view.jpg
_s social area sunny view.jpg

Build Your Own Vacation

Our online booking engine will enable you to build your own vacation package, and provide immediate availability and price options.


Discounts are automatically applied for 3+ guests, and for 5+ and 14+ nights. You may also pre-purchase special services and activities at a reduced rate.


Build your own vacation package by selecting from the following: 

Before & After Services

For guests arriving and departing from the International airport, the following timing must be considered:


  • For Ocean transfer, your inbound flight must arrive prior to 1pm, and your outbound flight must leave later than 1pm, or there will not be time for safe same-day transport.

  • For River transfer, assume a full day for travel each way.  Racing to catch a flight is never a good plan.


To ensure a relaxed and secure travel experience, we highly recommend our "Before and After" services that include the following:

  • One night before and/or one night after at a lovely boutique hotel in Casco Viejo, the now gentrified old french quarter of Panama City.

  • Airport pickup and/or dropoff, and guided transfer to and from your hotel.

  • Guests will be responsible for their own meals and drinks during their time in Casco Viejo.

c Cabana behind view center out 1280px.jpg
s looking in from right far night.jpg

Special Packages

Camaroncito EcoResort & Beach strives to ensure that each guest can enjoy their time with us in their own way.

Hover your cursor over the "Packages" menu item to see a drop down of some specialized offers.  You may also submit the form below to request for a customized package quote.

We offer options for tour guides or specialists seeking to host a private retreat at Camaroncito, solo travelers, long term stay, work exchange, and whole resort rental without services.  Let us know what you need!

For guests seeking additional tour experiences while in Panama, we recommend New Leaf Eco Tours.

Custom Package Request

Do you want help designing a full vacation to include visits to other places in Panama?


--- OR --- 


Are you an influencer or instructor who wants to host a private retreat for a small group of your fans?  We can support any the following:


Mat Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Music, Meditation, Cooking, Art, Therapy, Birding, Language Immersion, Mushroom Hunting, Fitness, Water Sports, Martial Arts, or just a gathering of family and friends!!!

Although Camaroncito has only FOUR beachfront cabanas, for private events we can set up THREE huge tents on the sand, each with four single foam mattresses with pillows, sheets and towels, with plenty of open standing space in the center.

The social area has two toilets, two sinks and two outside showers for tent sleepers to use, or the bathrooms in cabanas can be shared.


The inside kitchen and dining area are equipped to handle up to 20 guests.  Our outdoor BBQ area can accommodate up to 200 people for a day event using biodegradable plates and cutlery.

We maintain a small apartment with two single beds for licensed guides with a tour group. Guides stay for free, but must still pay for transport, food and drinks.

Special Stay Type
Select Special Activities

Thanks for submitting your request for a custom package!

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