Be passive or be active - you choose how to enjoy Camaroncito!


Destress with a daily yoga class, or burn off steam with a beach volleyball game.   Wander our marked rainforest trails, or climb our river cascades

Challenge your birding or mushrooming skills, identify the equatorial constellations, or just enjoy the ocean breezes from a hammock.  

Use our boogie boards and snorkeling equipment until you are waterlogged, or just lounge on a bamboo mat on the beach under the shade of a mangrove tree.

Ask for a salsa dancing lesson that may just get a party started!  We might even give the local monkeys some competition when we fire up the karaoke machine for some hooting and howling. 

You can also take a casual cooking lesson (help in the kitchen), learn about sustainable agriculture (help on the farm or gather fresh eggs), or learn how to open a coconut with a machete.

Challenge yourself, or other guests, to build the most amazing beach bonfire or sandcastle ever! Be warned ... Sarah usually wins these competitions, though Ernesto whispers that it is only because he lets her!

Moderate Connection

You can read this as an adjective or a command :-).  We have a broadband satellite connection that is sufficient for messaging, email, internet browsing, etc. in our social area.  Live streaming of movies or videos is not only challenging except for the clearest of days, it is discouraged.  After all, you came here to disconnect and reconnect!!!  

However, for those who must get some work done, you may use our business office which has a stronger signal for the occasional video call or large file transfer.

Old Fashioned FUN

We have a variety of board games, puzzles, decks of cards and old cell phones loaded with hundreds of audible books in English and Spanish.  Please bring your own earphones.  There is a small library of books in English and Spanish.  Our sound and karaoke systems are awesome, and we welcome guests to share their music.  We also have a HUGE library of music.  There are basic art materials to use if you want to sketch the local scenery.  


(at Extra Cost)

Extra services must be prebooked a few days in advance to ensure staffing. Part of the fee goes to the worker, in addition to their monthly salary, to motivate them to learn new things, and focus on the customer. You may pay in cash onsite, or we can process a payment for you on a credit card.  No extra tipping please.

Camaroncito Spa 

All spa services are charged at $15 per quarter hour increment for all services, payable onsite in cash. 

Our spa is tiny, but glorious. Sitting on the bluff above the beach, with ocean breezes blowing through the privacy curtains.

We offer options such as deep tissue or acupressure massage, foot reflexology, cleansing facials, body scrubs and amazing head rubs!  You choose what your body needs.  

All of our products are made on site, using our own coconut oil, coffee grounds, finely filtered sand, fruit pulp, and local herbs

Traditional razor shaves and haircuts for men are also available. Check out Ernesto's awesome beard and hair.

We also have a large bathtub (Ernesto and Sarah can both fit in it sitting on opposite sides), that can be filled with super hot water and aromatherapy oils, for you to enjoy with a cold glass of wine, overlooking the ocean below. 


All excursions are charged at $30 per person, 2 person minimum, payable onsite in cash.  Each is flexible in length depending on your pace ... a bit less than or more than an hour.

Village Tour - Cocle del Norte is a fishing and agricultural village of about 200 families.  Walk there with our guide in 30-45 minutes, or take our boat there in 5-10.  Wander around, try out your Spanish with the locals, marvel at the friendly national police with their machine guns in the middle of nowhere, drink a cold beer and listen to some "typico" local music.  

Boat Tour - Anywhere you want to go ... along the coast, up the Cocle del Norte river, out to sea to see the great plastic garbage patch (if it is near to shore at the time).

Horseback Riding - A beginner lesson with a slow walk, or active riding on a challenging trail, depending on your skills.  We provide the high topped rubber boots.  The horses work every day providing transport and hauling wood, so they are fairly calm.  But even workhorses enjoy a gallop along the ocean front beach if given the chance.

Congo Dance Show - FOUR guest minimum ($120) to arrange the local congo dance group to come to Camaroncito for a demonstration of the local/native dance style, originating from African slaves brought to Panama during the building of the Canal.  Daring guests may try a lesson, or get up and join in!