Camaronicito is our dream, and we (Ernesto and Sarah) have a permanent home on the property. We are avid travelers, beach bums, foodies, and salsa dancers. Sarah loves to garden, cook and entertain, and had prior lives as an international business executive and entrepreneur, and teacher of business and innovation. Ernesto can fix or make anything, and is always the life of the party. Ernesto grew up in Panama Viejo (Old Panama), then studied architectural drafting in Cuba!

Between us we have four adult children, eight siblings, and dozens of dear friends around the world, all of whom visit regularly. We love to share our escape from modern life, our gift of reconnection with nature and each other, and an opportunity to be inspired by the ocean waves, the rainforest wildlife, amazing food, delicious drinks and each other. We also care for the community around us, not only by treating our workers with care and respect, but also by contributing to community and economic development in our area.

The mostly virgin rainforest property was purchased in 2017, started hosting guests in 2018, and became a legal business in 2021 offering "glamping" getaways for small groups. The full new resort has 4 beachfront cabanas, 2 rainforest tree houses with ocean views, a beachfront social area with restaurant and bar, and a small spa with a large hot bathtub and massage table. Most of the rainforest has been left untouched except for some winding hiking trails. We selectively cleared only what was needed for buildings and food production.

The resort is designed after our own personal preferences. We enjoy feeling at one with nature, so all of our buildings and most furniture are hand crafted from local wood and thus are rustic. There are lots of screened windows and ceiling fans for constant comfort without air conditioning.

We also try to live as lightly as possible so we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. We hope you will find the absence of plastic and glitz refreshing. Still, we enjoy modern conveniences, and so our entire resort is solar powered, including our satellite broadband. We LOVE our Bluetti solar generators ... thank you!!!  Our karaoke and sound system are awesome. Our washing water comes from our own river, and is carefully filtered to be sparkling clean. Our drinking water goes through a second non-chemical sterilization process. 

The entire resort is thoughtfully designed and furnished to support guest comfort in a way that blends with nature. There is ample covered and open seating space for card games or just hanging out, and there are hammocks for reading or naps. The mini-fridge in your cabana will be kept stocked to your preference. The kitchen and bar are OPEN for you to help yourself when you want, though three delicious and creative meals will be prepared for you every day, and a service person is always available to help you.

We want you to feel at home, only better, because we do all the work! Unless, of course, you ask to help in the kitchen in order to learn how to make local cuisine, or you want to gather fresh eggs from the henhouse, or learn how to open a coconut with a machete.

So, come be mesmerized by the sounds of the rainforest and the ocean surf at the same time! Be enchanted by the crystal clear stars unaffected by light pollution. Be entranced by the shadows cast by a full moon through the coconut palm trees. Come be a part of our Camaroncito Family!!!